We expect our students to present themselves dressed appropriately for the working day in correct school uniform as listed below. Hair should be of a natural colour and style. Unnatural brightly coloured hair or various coloured hair is not permitted

General Uniform

  • Sweatshirt or cardigan- plain black with school logo (to be kept in student’s bag or locker when not being worn)
  • Polo shirt -aqua with school logo, with no other t-shirt visible
  • Plain Black Trousers or knee-length skirt. Trousers and skirts should be tailored and not skinny fit or made of stretch material or have decorative zips. Jeans and Jeans style trousers are not permitted.
  • Shalwar-Kameez black
  • Black Socks only (not trainer socks)
  • Plain black shoes, which are of a formal style to be worn at all times (except in PE lessons). Boots and trainers are not permitted. If you need to clarify footwear before September, please contact your child’s Head of Year.

School bag to be of a suitable size to carry all school equipment

Students should be wearing school shoes at all times within the main school building.

If any students attend school not in the correct uniform, they will be asked to correct it by borrowing items from Student Services. If purchasing uniform is an issue, please email your child’s Head of Year to discuss how the school can support you.

Jewellery and Make up

  • Must be kept to a minimum and will need to be removed for PE and other practical work
  • Up to one small ring, watch, charity band, clear nose stud
  • Earrings – one pair of stud/sleeper earrings (less than 5mm in diameter)
  • Necklaces should not be visible
  • Only clear nose studs may be worn (or the nose stud must be removed/covered by a plaster).
  • No acrylic or painted nails for Health and Safety reasons
  • Natural make up only

PE Kit

All students:

  • White pumps or trainers
  • Black shorts
  • Black amber and jade RHCS polo shirt
  • Black tracksuit pants
  • Black football socks or white sports socks
  • A Towel

Other items:

  • Black RHCS sweatshirt or RHCS quarter zip top (Girls only)
  • Black amber and jade reversible Rugby shirt (Boys)
  • Football boots (optional for girls, compulsory for boys)