Specialist Provision

Within Kirklees there are Specialist Provisions for students with a specific Speech, Language and Communication Need (SLCN) at key stages 1 – 4. They are inclusive within mainstream schools and provide students with a statement of Special Educational Need for SLCN with intensive speech and language therapy, specialist teaching and non-teaching support.

Royds Hall Community School has the KS3/4 Kirklees Specialist Provision for students with a Speech, Language and Communication Need. We have a close liaison with the provision at Ashbrow Infant and Nursery and Ashbrow Junior School.

The Specialist Provision supports students with SLCN throughout school and provides support and advice for staff. Students are taught alongside their mainstream peers, as well as being supported across the timetable and are sometimes withdrawn for specialist group work.

The students receive support from a specialist team of teachers and Student Acheivement Leaders throughout school. The Speech and Language Therapist works with indivduals and small groups on their language curriculum and also offers advice and monitoring where appropriate. The Educational Psychologist supports the Specialist Provision offering guidance and consultation when requested. 

The Specialist Provision has classrooms which provide a base for the students with SLCN and the students have an individual programme tailored to meet their specific needs.  All Specialist Provision students have a designated key worker to support their integration and progress within school.

The Specialist Provision staff are a dedicated team with a shared vision. We aim to make your child’s time in secondary school positive and successful, enabling them to leave school as confident, independent young people.