Specialist Provision

Within Kirklees there are Specialist Provisions for students with Complex Communication and Interaction Needs at key stages 1 – 4. They are inclusive within mainstream schools and provide students with a statement of Special Educational Need with specialist teaching and non-teaching support.

Royds Hall Community School is one of the Specialist Provisions in Kirklees for students with complex communication and interaction needs. It is based in, and is an integral part of, Royds Hall Community School and students in the Provision are expected to follow an academic pathway.

In the Specialist Provision we aim to adopt a person-centred, holistic approach to support our students throughout their education.  Each child is unique and so we assess their educational and social needs, characteristics, skills and vulnerabilities on an individual basis.  We aim to support each child’s educational progress and develop their independence and emotional resilience by offering a flexible, child -centred approach for young people with complex communication and interaction needs. Students are taught alongside their mainstream peers, as well as being supported across the curriculum.  They are sometimes withdrawn for specialist group work

Students in the Provision have access to a Social Communication groups programme led by the Speech and Language Therapist and delivered by senior staff within the Provision. The learning objectives of these groups are two fold; firstly to develop social communication skills and secondly to develop language skills.  Students are encouraged to apply these skills to the curriculum. The Educational Psychologist also supports the Specialist Provision offering guidance and support when requested.  They also have additional support from the Connexions Careers Service. All Specialist Provision students have a designated key worker to support their integration, inclusion and progress within school.

The Specialist Provision staff are a dedicated team with a shared vision. We aim to make your child’s time in secondary school positive and successful, enabling them to leave school as confident, independent young people.