LGBTQ Support

LGBTQI+ Support At Royds Hall

At Royds Hall, we work very hard to ensure an inclusive environment for all students. Following feedback from students and work with Stonewall, we have been developing resources and methods of support for students who identify as LGBTQI+. We also work hard to ensure that students have safe spaces where they can ask questions and discuss issues around gender and sexual identity. We also aim to ensure that family members and carers who identify as LGBTQI+ feel welcome and supported at Royds Hall.


We cover LGBTQI+ issues explicitly in ERIC (Ethics, Religion, Ideas and Citizenship) lessons, particularly ensuring that SRE (Sex and Relationship Education) lessons are inclusive. In other areas of the curriculum, LGBTQI+ are covered when we cover IVF in Science as well as authors and artists in English and Art.

Diversity Club

Students requested that a group be set up to support LGBTQI+ students. The group meets twice a week: Tuesday lunchtimes are the main meetings and Friday after school sessions are used for planning. The group contains students who identify as LGBTQI+ and students who are allies, friends who want to support other people in the school. The Diversity Group also works to ensure other community cohesion projects are undertaken in school.


Student cover LGBTQI+ issues in assemblies when they are run by the school’s Diversity Group

Emotional Support

All our staff are trained in supporting LGBTQI+ students and combatting homophobic, bi-phobic and transphobic bullying. Miss Vaughan is the Community Progress Leader who takes a lead on LGBTQI+ issues and Mr Woffenden is the teacher who leads the Diversity Group. Both members of staff can be contacted by students or parents and carers to discuss any concerns or to access support. Our Well Being Room offers a variety of support that students can be accessed by students. Some members of the Diversity Club have been trained as peer mentors and offer support to any students who want someone to talk to. They also help in resolving issues when homophobic or transphobic language has been used.

Anti-harassment Policy

Transphobic and homophobic bullying is explicitly referenced in our Anti-Harassment Policy and we record incidents and review the responses to the incidents on a regular basis. 

The school has won an award for its work supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and for tackling homophobic bullying.
Ofsted 2017