The Role of Community Progress Leaders

Our clear aim is to provide a support network that will enable each student to work and achieve to his or her potential. Raising achievement is a key priority.

Community Progress Leaders strive to:

  • lead their team in pursuit of excellence.
  • empower students with the basic skills, experiences, knowledge and attitudes that are required for work and leisure in a rapidly developing society so that students become active, confident and responsible members of the community.
  • lead their team in maintaining high standards of attendance and behaviour and in maintaining an orderly atmosphere that supports the ethos of the school.
  • provide an atmosphere in which all students are confident that they are safe, valued and respected.
  • enable students to achieve their true academic potential by supporting the academic curriculum and the work of the Faculty and Curriculum Leaders.
  • encourage students to respect others and the school environment.
  • encourage students to be responsible members of the school community.
  • strengthen the links between parent/carer and the school, recognising that education is a shared task involving students, home and the school.

The pastoral care is excellent – every student is recognised by staff and their educational and personal needs are addressed equally.
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