Phase 2 Geography

For this course we follow the Edexcel A GCSE Specification. There is one piece of Controlled Assessment (Coursework), and 3 exams. 

Teacher: Mr S Higgins

What do we study? 

Unit 1 - Geographical Skills: 

  • Geographical Skills, this includes: Map reading, interpreting data, fieldwork, GIS, and statistics. 
  • Challenges for the planet: Climate Change, and Sustainable Development. 

Unit 2- The Natural Environment

  • Tectonics
  • Coasts
  • Rivers
  • A Watery World 

Unit 3- The Human Environment 

  • Economic Change 
  • Settlement Change 
  • Population Change 
  • Tourism 

Unit 4 - Investigating Geography

  • This unit includes the 'Coursework' section of the course. Students will plan and undertake their own investigation in the North Yorkshire village of Malham. 
  • This takes approximately 3 weeks and is moderated externally. 

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