Ethnic Minority Achievement (EMA)

Our diverse community is enriched by students and staff from many countries speaking a multitude of languages

Who We Are:

There are currently three members of the EMA team which includes two EMA Learning Mentors, Gillian Andrews and Frances Walshaw and a Bilingual Curriculum Support Worker, Khawar Ahmad.

Our Diverse Community:

Amazingly at Royds Hall we have students and staff from at least 30 countires speaking about 25 different languages.  Our students come from all over the world, ranging from Algeria to Austria, from Scotland to Sri Lanka, from Poland to Pakistan and from England to Eritrea!!  This is the context within which the EMA Department works.

What We Do:

Our role within school is wide ranging – welcoming international new arrivals and their families into school, supporting students in class, linking with other departments to promote cultural diversity, organising community activities and making sure that all our students reach their potential through the use of newly acquired language and their heritage language.

We also help develop social and communication skills in order that students can form friendships and take an active part in the day-to-day life of the school and the community. We support students with their homework during lunchtime and after school and provide a link between home and school. Our aim is always to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where students are encouraged to do their best.

Pupils’ good spiritual, social and cultural development enables them to develop a strong understanding of social and cultural diversity. Pupils take an active role in promoting respectful and tolerant attitudes towards diversity and difference.
Ofsted 2017