Physical Education

Physical Education is very popular at Royds Hall with a broad balanced curriculum being offered supported by an extensive range of extra-curricular clubs. We are fortunate to have excellent facilities including a sports hall, gym, fitness suite, squash courts and an extensive range of outdoor courts and fields. These facilities have been enhanced further with the relocation of our fitness suite to allow community use, the development of an outdoor gym on our front field and the installation of cricket nets in our sports hall supported by a professional bowling machine. It is hoped that these improved facilities will continue to meet the needs of our students / local community and help them to continue to make progress and have fun whilst being healthy / active at the same time.

Phase 1

Students in Phase 1 have 2 lessons a week of PE and follow a broad / balanced curriculum made up of traditional games, gymnastics, athletics, dance, striking & fielding games and outdoor and adventurous activities. Recent additions to the curriculum include archery, fencing and handball.

In Year 7 and 8 students are introduced to a number of sporting activities and as they progress through to Year 9 are given more freedom as to the sports they wish to partake in during curriculum time through an options process.

Students in Phase one also have a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities available to them before school, at lunchtime and after school. 

Phase 2

In Phase 2 students study PE for 2 periods a week and when starting in Year 9, the majority of students will start to study for the Full Course GCSE or a OCR Cambridge National Certficate in Sports Studies (Equivalent to one GCSE).

During the GCSE course, students are assessed on practical performance as well as learning a number of theoretical areas such as anatomy and physiology, fitness testing and training and sports psychology. The course is 40% practical and 60% theory (Examination at the end of the course.)

In the OCR Cambridge National Certificate in Sports Studies, students will cover four units over three years with a range of assessment used. This assessment takes the form of an examination, written coursework and teacher/student assessment of practical performance. The four units covered include two compulsory units: Contemporary issues in sport (assessed through an exam) and Developing Sports Skills (practical performance assessment supported by written assessment). Two other units are then selected from: Sports Leadership, Sport and the media, Working in the sports industry and Developing knowledge and skills in outdoor activities.

When progressing through Year 10 and 11, the majority of students have one of these lessons to continue with their GCSE / OCR Cambridge National studies whilst the other is Core PE which again follows an options format.

Those students who do not follow the GCSE/OCR programme will have 2 Core PE lessons a week and during this time have the opportunity to gain nationally recognised awards such as the Junior Sports Leader, Junior Football Organiser and Netball Organiser Awards.