All the world’s a stage
As you like it, Shakespeare

The Drama curriculum is all about learning to use physical and verbal expression to communicate meanings and ideas to other people. Students learn to work with conventions and structures to create, perform and respond to drama. It is an Art form which stands or falls by the input from the students working with the teacher to construct images, scenes and plays symbolic of the world we inhabit.

Phase One

Topics covered in phase one are non-verbal communication, vocal expression, physical theatre, abstract techniques, scripted work, devised work, issue based drama and historical theatre. A lot of the skills and techniques taught are useful in other subject areas as well as essential life skills.

Phase Two

If students choose to continue their drama studies on into phase two we offer the BTEC ACTING PATHWAY. This course designed to develop acting skills through performance. It is all about understanding what it is like putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes. The students play many parts in different imaginary situations. They have the opportunity to create their own work as well as looking at works written by other practitioners. As well as acquiring the skills involved in creating and performing Drama, students are also able to acquire skills in working with others, problem solving and communication. Performing Arts helps students feel more self-confident and prepares them to deal with a range of different situations and people. It gives students a broad foundation to the world of performance both on and off the stage.