Creativity is intelligence having fun! Seeing what everyone else has seen but thinking what no one else has thought.
Albert Einstein

  • The Arts engage students
  • The Arts are essential to an understanding of personal identity, community and other cultures
  • The Arts help students acquire the skills and creativity necessary for success
  • The Arts encourage commitment and persistence
  • The Arts lead to increased attendance and help students stay in school

The Arts subjects at Royds Hall Community School are Drama, Music, Art and Design, Art Textiles and Photography. Although they are subjects within their own right, they all educate us through the senses, imagination, and emotions.

The Arts help improve each student’s academic achievement, positive social and emotional development, imagination and thinking. Learning to paint, play music or act, promotes both curiosity and confidence that can be transferred to real-life situations. 

What will be remembered about us is what we created and performed, what we designed and composed, what we painted and filmed. At Royds Hall we are passionate about giving our students as many of these opportunities.

Our objective is to make the study of the Arts subjects as stimulating, challenging and enjoyable as is possible, and we currently on are creative journey to achieve Arts Mark status for national recognition for our Arts provision.  Arts education at Royds Hall Community School is an entitlement for all students both within the formal curriculum and through extra-curricular work. All students have access to a wide range of Arts experiences both as individual disciplines and collaborative ventures. Although Drama, Music, Art and Design, Art Textiles and Photography are each very individual subjects, we do not see them as mutually exclusive, as each one reinforces the skills developed in all the others to educate the whole person.

Current Curriculum

We provide the art forms (art and design, drama, dance and music) as part of the core curriculum entitlement at Phase 1 (Year 7/8). All students study:

  • Art, Music, and Drama in Year 7 and 8 as separate subjects 1 hr per week.   
  • Dance within PE and Drama
  • ICT plays an increasingly important role in arts education including graphic design, music technology, lighting design and control, video production and use of Moodle, our virtual learning environment.

We offer all students the opportunity of opting for a range of arts subjects leading to GCSE/BTEC certification in Phase 2 (Year 9/10/11)

  • Students may choose from: Art and Design, Textiles, Photography, Drama and Music. 
  • Each option class has 2 hours each week starting in year 9 through to year 11