Curriculum 2016 - 2017

Royds Hall Community School will:

  • Provide an inclusive, safe and supportive environment for all students to enable them to enjoy learning and to achieve.
  • Provide an inclusive curriculum in which all students can experience success.
  • Set challenging targets so that students can aspire to their full potential.
  • Report termly on students’ progress and meet with parents twice a year to discuss student progress.
  • Contact home if we have concerns over behaviour, attitude to learning or attendance.
  • Provide support for students who are identified as having an additional need.

Students should:

  • Attend regularly, arrive on time and be ready and equipped for learning.
  • Work hard and be ready to learn in all lessons.
  • Treat all members of the school community with respect.
  • Use their planner as a means of communication between school and home and to record homework.

The Royds Hall curriculum encourages students to flourish in an environment of creativity and innovation whilst encouraging independence and social and moral development. “Aspire, Learn, Achieve’ are intrinsic to the whole school community.

Phase 1

In Phase 1 all students follow the National Curriculum. The year groups are divided into mixed ability bands for the majority of subjects. A small nurture group is available to students who need extra support for social and emotional as well as learning needs. The nurture group follows an adapted curriculum to meet the needs of the students within the group.

The following subjects are taught in Phase 1


Ethics, Religion, Ideas, Citizenship (ERIC)

Physical Education
Modern Languages
Humanities (Nurture Group)

Assessment Without Levels

Download the information booklet here.

Phase 2

The majority of our students are placed in two half year bands. They are then placed in sets within subject areas where appropriate.

Students who we feel would find it difficult to succeed in main stream classes are placed in a nurture group where they follow a personalised curriculum, joining the main school to study their GCSE options.

Core subjects are taught in linear year groups for the whole of Phase 2.

Core subjects

English Language
English Literature
Separate Sciences
Core & Additional Science

Computer Science
Humanities (selected group, Yr9)
Languages (selected group)
Physical Education

Ethics, Religion, Ideas,
Citizenship (ERIC)

Phase 2 students are taught option subjects in a vertical, mixed aged teaching group for six hours a week. All option courses are completed in one year. Students opt for a subject through a guided options process with students choosing a new subject each year as they mature and their interests and career ambitions develop. Students will complete Phase 2 with qualifications in three option subjects.

Vertical option teaching allows:

  • Students to personalise their own curriculum as they grow, develop and mature by opting for subjects three times during Phase 2 instead of once at the beginning of Year 9.
  • Practical subjects to have the benefit of three-hour teaching blocks.
  • Increased student motivation and less disengagement through completion of a full GCSE in one year.
  • Curriculum areas to offer a much wider range of subjects as the subjects offered by Faculties can change each year.
  • Opportunities for employment of part-time staff to deliver subjects that would otherwise not be offered.
  • Less pressure when students reach Year 11, as they will have already completed two GCSE Options. 

Option subjects

BTEC Performing Arts
Uniformed Services (Level 1 and 2)

Fine Art
Mathematics (Higher Statistics)
Business Studies

Child Development
Land Based Studies

You can find further option subjects information here.

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