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Uniform & Equipment

Our students take pride in their appearance by wearing the correct Royds Hall uniform.

We expect our students to present themselves dressed appropriately for the working day in correct school uniform as listed below (details of our uniform expectations are also available on the school website and in the Student planner). Hair should be of a natural colour and style. Unnatural brightly coloured hair or various coloured hair is not permitted.

The school uniform expectations are listed below.

General Uniform

Uniform Details
Navy ‘Trutex’ Blazer with school logo This must be a blazer with the school badge
Plain black tailored trousers or knee length tailored skirt

Trousers should be tailored, straight legged not skinny fit, cropped, leggings or jeggings.

Skirts must be tailored and to the knee, they must not be made of stretchy or thin material.

No decorative/coloured zips, patch pockets or studs
Plain white collared shirt This must be tucked in and the top button fastened.
Shalwar-Kameez – black  
Clip on tie

Navy/Green for Year 11

Navy/Sky Blue for Years 7-10
Black socks or black tights

No trainer socks (ankles must not be visible).

Black tights must be 60 denier or higher.
Shoes – plain back which are of a formal style

Shoes must have no sports branding.

Trainers, canvas shoes, pumps or boots that sit above the ankle are not allowed

A School bag to be of a suitable size to carry all school equipment. Outdoor clothing (coats, jumpers etc)

are not to be worn inside the school building.

If any students attend school not in the correct uniform, they will be asked to correct it by borrowing items from Student Services. If purchasing uniform is an issue, please email your child’s Head of Year to discuss how the school can support you. Any uniform that is borrowed will be clean and sanitised; ensuring that all COVID-19 measures and guidance are maintained.

P.E. Kit

PE kit with the old Royds logo will be permitted. Any new purchases should have the new school logo.

Girls Boys
  • PE polo shirt with school logo
  • Half-zip fleece with school badge for outdoor lessons
  • Black shorts, Black / Navy tracksuit bottoms or plain black leggings
  • Plain black football socks or white sports socks
  • Trainers
  • PE polo shirt with the school logo
  • Reversible rugby shirt with the school logo for outdoor lessons
  • Plain Black shorts or Plain Black / Navy tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain black football socks or white sports socks
  • Trainers
  • Football boots for outdoor lessons
  • Plain black skins may also be worn


All students with long hair will also need a bobble to tie their hair back in PE.


  • Make up should be natural, no acrylic or painted nails are permitted for health & safety reasons
  • Hair should be of a natural colour.
  • Only clear nose studs may be worn (or the nose stud must be removed/covered by a plaster).


  • Must be kept to a minimum and will need to be removed for PE and other practical work
  • Up to one small ring, watch, charity band, clear nose stud
  • Earrings – one pair of stud/sleeper earrings (less than 5mm in diameter)
  • Necklaces must not be visible

Personal Electronics

  • Head phones and mobile phones etc are only permitted to be used at break or lunch time when students are sat down in a designated area.


  • Student Planner (will be provided by school)
  • Pencil case
  • Pens (black or blue and a purple pen)
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Protractor
  • Pair of compasses
  • Whiteboard pen
  • Reading book
  • Head phones and mobile phones etc are only permitted to be used at break or lunch time.
  • Face mask
  • Hand sanitiser