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Valuing People, Supporting Personal Best

We are a small, friendly partnership, currently consisting of three secondary and five primary schools in West Yorkshire. Our core belief is about valuing people and helping them to be as successful as they can be. This is both challenging and rewarding and we hope you find it inspiring.

In the years since the Trust was formed in 2011, schools everywhere have seen a considerable amount of change. We have met these challenges with a shared approach, working as a team, enjoying the support of shared moderation, making us stronger and more structured. Through supporting and challenging each other, the Trust has enriched each member school beyond our expectations.

We encourage the sharing of our expertise, whether it’s about recruiting and retaining good staff or improving the quality of learning; we all contribute and share our experience and best practice, helping to make our schools better places for our staff and pupils.

High performing schools enjoy the opportunity to contribute and share good practice, meeting with like-minded headteachers as partners and helping to improve the standard of education for young people.

Our own model for school improvement is an effective resource that we regularly tap into: good behaviour, good routines in lessons, tackling teacher expectations, stretching pupils and marking with constructive feedback are the key foundations we build on for long-term success. Schools that need more support soon begin to thrive.

Our Values

We summarise our core values as ‘Valuing People, Supporting Personal Best’.

It means we want every one of our pupils and members of staff to enjoy coming to our schools and for all of us to try our very best in everything we do. Our schools should be safe, positive environments where every pupil is encouraged to achieve their personal potential and helped to overcome obstacles.

We believe that helping people feel valued increases the chances of them achieving their personal best; the highest standard we can expect anyone to achieve. This requires us to set ambitious goals for every pupil and to help them to achieve them.

We aim to help everybody gain the knowledge, skills and habits that can lead to a happy and successful life.

Our Aims as a Trust

The main point of being a trust is to improve the standard of education we can provide for the children and young people in our schools. This requires us to be open and honest with each other about our strengths and areas for development, working together to share our expertise and resources with the aim of helping provide the best standard of education we possibly can.

We have expectations of what every child can achieve academically. We aim for every pupil or student to be a fluent reader, a skilful writer and able to express themselves verbally in a confident manner. They should also be able to solve problems, logically describe their thinking processes and be fluent mathematicians. Beyond these core skills, our schools are to be places where a rich and varied curriculum is delivered, enabling young people to learn about the world around them through science, arts and humanities.

We want every child to be healthy, thinking positively about themselves and the society they belong to, whilst recognising the risks they face and how to remain safe.

This is how the SHARE Multi-Academy Trust can help to achieve these aims:

  • Sharing and developing a model for best practice;
  • Using evidence and benchmarks to measure success and compare best practice;
  • Sharing resources and expertise to provide expertise when and where it is most needed, achieve economies of scale and secure better value for money;
  • Intervening when standards are not as high as they should be;
  • Centralising administration tasks to allow school leaders to focus on improving education

Growing the Trust

We are keen to grow the SHARE Trust with new schools but will only do so if we can continue to achieve our core goals and work in accordance with our values. This means we will be honest about whether we can support your school if it needs help and be open about our own strengths and areas for development. Every school has something to offer and we are always open to new ways of improving our own practice.

Joining SHARE could therefore be an opportunity to influence education within a wider group and improve the experiences of a larger number of children and young people.

Alternatively, you may be considering applying for a position with SHARE Multi-Academy Trust. Our values and beliefs apply equally to our employees. We want them to feel happy and to enjoy success, willing and able to try their absolute best to help our pupils succeed. We very much value our employees and invest in them, recognising that we are a team that achieves together.

We hope that by visiting our website, we encourage you to learn more about our Trust and to take the next step in joining us.