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COVID-19 Education

At Royds Hall Academy, we are dedicated to ensuring that all students in our care receive a first class education and achieve their personal best, in all areas of their life. Our staff value each of our students as individuals and work tirelessly to ensure that students leave Royds Hall fully equipped with life skills, experiences and outcomes to have a happy and successful future. That is why we have such a strong commitment to our remote learning; we want to ensure that there is no barrier between our students and their education.

School contacts for remote learning:

  • Senior Leader with overall responsibility for Quality of Education: Julie Donnelly – Deputy Headteacher. Email address:
  • Member of SLT with responsibility for Teaching and Learning (Remote Learning): Nathan Hopwood - Associate Assistant Headteacher. Email address:
  • Remote Learning Champion in school: Ed Knight. Email address:

The Remote Curriculum – what is taught to students at home?

The remote curriculum mirrors the school curriculum for each subject. We believe that learning should be as closely matched as possible to that which is delivered within school. Our leaders have designed a curriculum that allows students to make rapid progress and therefore, whilst students work remotely, the curriculum is not narrowed; our teachers have simply planned how the full curriculum can be best delivered to those working at home. We are immensely proud of the fact that our students will attend live lessons when working from home. Students are able to ‘attend’ the lesson as usual, ask the teacher questions and receive feedback, just as if they were within the classroom. We therefore are able to deliver the curriculum in its full extent.

From the first day of self-isolation, students are able to log in and connect remotely into their lessons, meaning that no learning time is lost. Teachers are aware of students who are required to self-isolate and therefore can dial invite students to join their lessons immediately. The remote learning policy we have built that remote learning begins immediately upon identification of a student who is not able to attend school – we’re able to provide students with the immediate live education, using the platform of Microsoft Teams.

In order to explore the Curriculum in more depth to understand the content being delivered for your child, please click here to see each Programme of Study for our subjects.

Physical Education

Due to the nature of the subject, students are not able to access their PE lessons live. However, to ensure that students continue to receive high-quality education that looks after their physical health and follows the curriculum, our teachers have carefully planned the learning, taking into consideration that students may not have the appropriate equipment at home to follow the full Curriculum. Lessons are accessible for all students and certainly ensure that students are pushed hard and are keeping fit and healthy!

Drama, Art and Music

We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. However, it is necessary to make some adaptations in certain subjects. For example, subjects such as Drama, Art and Music which may normally require additional resources which are not accessible at home. During

Remote Teaching and Study Time

We expect students to log in for each of their lessons, as they would in a regular school day. Students will follow their timetable lesson by lesson; this ensures that students receive the same hours of education working from home, as they would within the school day. Please see a reminder of the school day to ensure your child is logged in on Microsoft Teams at the required times, ready for the register to be taken.

Please note that it is compulsory that your child attends every single lesson of the school day

In the event of a national or a local lockdown, students will follow the amended timetable below:


Start of school day

8:30am – 8:40am

Time set up for the day

8:40am - 8:55am

Form time (15m)

8:55am - 9:55am

Lesson 1 (60 mins)

9:55am - 10:05am

Break (10 mins)

10:05 am - 11:05am

Lesson 2 (60 mins)

11:05am - 11:15 am

Break (10 mins)

11:15am - 12:15pm

Lesson 3 (60 mins)

12:15pm - 12:45pm

Lunch (30 mins)

12:45pm - 1:45pm

Lesson 4 (60 mins)

1:45pm - 1:55pm

Break (10 mins)

1:55pm - 2:55pm

Lesson 5 (60 mins)

End of School day

2:55pm - 3:05 pm

Break (10m)  Year 11 ONLY

3:05pm - 3:55pm

P6 for Year 11 ONLY (50 mins)






















Accessing Remote Education

The platform that lessons are delivered through is Microsoft Teams. This platform allows our teachers to deliver their lessons ‘live’ to those at home. The platform has a range of functions that ensure the safety of our students as well as ensuring the learning of our students is of a fantastic standard. Some of the features include:

  • Students are able to log in using their school username and password, ensuring their safety on the platform
  • The teacher can ‘screen share’ so that anything that takes place within the classroom, also takes place for students at home. This means students are able to engage in tasks under the visualiser, ensuring a more interactive way of working
  • The chatbox allows students to ask questions live within the lesson to their teacher, should they require extra support. This function also allows teachers to engage live with students to assess their understanding as the lesson develops
  • Teachers have control of the microphones of students, allowing order and high standards of behaviour in remote conditions whilst ensuring safeguarding needs are met
  • Teachers are able to upload multiple files that are stored long term on the class page. This means worksheets, texts, diagrams and other useful learning tools can be utilised in the exact same way from home
  • The ‘Class Notebook’ section for every class that students are in allows students to work remotely in their own workbook; this enables the teacher to check on the learning and provide feedback for students
  • All lessons are recorded, meaning that students who are ill can access the missed lesson at an alternative time. Student can also review content of lessons to support with homework.
  • In order for students to access the platform, they must access the school website and log in via the VLE/Email option. This will allow students to select Microsoft Teams and access their lessons.

Please watch our quick tutorial below to see how students can get logged on.

What you can expect to see in a live lesson:

  • A ‘Do Now’ task at the beginning of each lesson to allow students to recall previous learning
  • A period of time where a teacher models or explains what is required
  • A period of time where your son/daughter works independently
  • Time when teacher check student understanding and correction of misconceptions
  • The uploading of the work from the lesson

How will I be informed if there are concerns?

  • It is recommended that parents/carers regularly check ClassCharts to monitor and track the behaviour of your child. On ClassCharts it is possible to see comments and other correspondence made by teachers.
  • If students are not attending lessons remotely, a phone call will be made to the primary carer to inform them of non-attendance. If students are not following the behaviour expectations, negative consequences will be given on ClassCharts and passed on to the Head of Year.
  • In some circumstances, teachers may call you personally to discuss your child’s behaviour and/or engagement.

Please find below some helpful resources to assist you when working remotely.  If you have any questions please email your subject teachers in the first instance.

How To Log On To Microsoft Teams