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Ambassadors of Royds Hall

At Royds Hall we recognise the potential in all our students as future leaders. We have a real commitment to ensuring our students leave school as confident, mature and responsible citizens, with real leadership skills that have made a positive difference to the school community. We have a leadership structure that offers a range of opportunities for all year groups with our Senior Student team are the pinnacle of all leadership roles in school. We also have a highly effective Student council which comprises of representatives from all year groups and are involved in the key decision making processes in school.

Please be introduced:

Senior Student Team

  • Head Student - Zaynab Hussain

  • Deputy Head Student - Awais Farooq

  • Deputy Head Student - Charley Simpson

  • Deputy Head Student - Halima Saiyeda

Student Council

  • SCHOOL COUNCIL 2022 - 2023 


    Zainab Rehmat Kauser 


    Nigel Relova and Flyn Whitehead 



    Anti – Bullying: Lottie Firth 

    Additional Needs: Reece Walton 

    FBC: Zaid Zia 

    Safeguarding and Wellbeing: Thelma Muchena 

    ECO: Joel Laughton 

    LGBTQ+: Amy Bintcliffe 


    Year 7 Rep and Deputy Year 7 Rep 

    Laiba Haris and Zak Hafiz 

    Year 8 Rep and Deputy Year 8 Rep 

    Joel Laughton and Mustafa Ahmed 

    Year 9 Rep and Deputy Year 9 Rep 

    Evelyn Castle and Kaneez Mobeen 

    Year 10 Rep and Deputy Year 10 Rep 

    Sheraz Diaz and Tyler Scandling 

    Year 11 Rep and Deputy Year 11 Rep 

    Eddy Lin and Laiba Sajid