Year 8 Sport Education Competition

Added: December 20th, 2013

During the autumn term the year 8 girls have been working on a Sport Education unit where each class is split into groups of 4-5 girls and they are given the task of developing a routine to perform at an end of term competition. The routine has to be a combination of gymnastics and dance moves and every member of the group has a specific role to perform. The unit is designed to develop different aspects of leadership.

The competition took place this morning, Friday 20th December, and was an excellent event. The atmosphere was fantastic with all the girls supporting each other throughout. In total 17 groups performed and after a very close points total, the judges asked to see four of the groups again in order to verify the overall result. Eventually, the group called Unofficial were announced as the winners and they received gold medals from Mr Haigh who had been acting as one of the judges. The winning group consisted of Eva Plowright, Hannah Schofield-Lea, Casey Boxall, Leah Keyworth and Maryam Uddin. Well done girls!