PiXL Power!

Added: November 8th, 2017

We’ll never know our full potential unless we push ourselves to find it
Travis Rice

As we approach the second Mountain series of exams, Cross Fell, Year 11s are really feeling the benefit of our brand new initiative. The response from the students has been overwhelmingly positive and the feedback from them has stated just how much they appreciate the hard work from all the staff.

Every single student in Year 11 has been able to experience a Walking Talking Mock, helping them with their understanding of what the exam paper really wants. The core purpose of a WTM is to help students to become more familiar and comfortable in working under exam conditions in the Performance Hall and to teach exam skills and the finer points of picking up marks whilst at the same time modelling the thought process of how to answer the question by ‘thinking out loud’. This strategy will mean that students enter the Cross Fell exam series in November with much more confidence.

In addition, students have been attending more boosters and therapy than ever before, meaning their chances of achieving the highest grades are increased.

We have also been impressed with the number of Year 11 students accessing the PiXL Maths and Lit apps, as well as GCSE Pod – once again showing that our students have the right attitude and commitment.

So overall, a massive congratulations to Year 11s so far this year – let’s hope all the training they’re receiving will help them to win that race!

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