GCSE Awards Evening October 2017

Added: November 7th, 2017

Royds Hall Community School held their annual celebration of achievement event for students who gained their GCSE qualifications last summer. This was a wonderful event and a great opportunity to catch up with how well they are settling into College. As well as presenting GCSE certificates students were awarded subject prizes and awards for their contribution to the community.

Awards were presented as follows:

  • Physics – Rebecca Sketcher
  • Chemistry – Umair Afzal
  • Biology – Mehwish Ali
  • Mathematics – Jake Marchington
  • Statistics & FSMQ – Musa Javaid
  • Child Development – Rio Keyworth
  • English Language – Rebecca Sketcher
  • English Literature – Ismail Malik
  • Media – Daria Wojcikiewicz
  • Excellent contribution and attitude to sport – Elise Sandiford
  • Excellent contribution and attitude to sport – Javaza Noicely
  • French – Melissa Foster
  • ICT GCSE – Fizza Razzaq
  • Computing – Shuaib Zahid
  • Technology -Textiles – Elise Sandiford
  • Technology – Resistant Materials – Saba Shahid
  • Technology – Graphics – Benjamin Keer
  • Art – Bako Jaza
  • Photography – Megan Swindon
  • Performing Arts – Iwan Noble
  • Music – Ruben Reuter
  • Learning for Life – Marcus Taylor
  • History – Zainab Insaf
  • Geography – Farah Mazhar
  • Religious Studies – Areej Hussain
  • Learning Mentor awards for English – Oliver Jackson
  • Learning Mentor awards for Maths – Olivia Roberts
  • Learning Mentor awards for Maths – Olivia Robinson
  • Learning Mentor awards for Maths and English – Sam Clarke
  • Community 1 – Melissa Foster
  • Community 1 – Kalvin Ellis
  • Community 2 – Megan Swindon
  • Community 2 – Adrien Dubois
  • Community 3 – Chloe Sutcliffe
  • Community 3 – Benjamin Keer
  • Community 4 – Daria Wojcikiewicz
  • Community 4 – Joseph Pugsley
  • Community 5 – Martha Hughes
  • Community 5 – Marcus Taylor
  • Outstanding progress overall – Daria Wojcikiewicz
  • Outstanding progress overall – Rebecca Sketcher
  • Outstanding progress overall – Aseel Ben-Ghozzi
  • Outstanding progress overall – Martha Hughes
  • Outstanding progress overall – Sanaa Idrees
  • Outstanding progress overall – Nadia Ahmed
  • Outstanding progress overall – Amrisha Suman
  • Outstanding progress overall – Elise Sandiford
  • Outstanding progress overall – Alisha Hussain
  • Outstanding progress overall – Bako Jaza
  • Outstanding progress overall – Marcus Taylor

Three special awards were presented at the end of the celebration, these were:

The Private Shearman Award for the pursuit of peace and harmony through education. This award was presented in memory of Private Thomas Stinson à Beckett Shearman from Vancouver in Canada who died on 27 April 1917 of wounds sustained in the Battle of Vimy Ridge. He was transported to Royds Hall War Hospital and lies buried in Edgerton Cemetery. ‘Stince’, as his family remember him, had not reached 21 when he died. He was a university graduate and would have been a candidate for a Rhodes Scholarship had he lived. This year students laid a wreath on behalf of the Shearman/Hurst family to mark the 100th anniversary of his death.  Professor Pierre du Prey from Ontario, a distant cousin, made contact with us at school this year and requested that we remember the life of ‘Stince’ by presenting a special award in his memory. Pierre said, ‘I think he would have liked the idea of furthering the education of a deserving young person’ by having an award in his memory. This award went to Umair Afzal, last year’s Head Boy, for his outstanding contrition to school life, his special assembly on being a Muslim in modern Britain and for being such a great role model in school.

The Nqobile Ngwenya Award for a student making an outstanding contribution to their community. This award was presented in memory of former Head Boy Nqobile Ngwenya who sadly died earlier this year. Nqobile started at Royds Hall Community School in September 2011 and immediately made his mark. There are so many activities that Nqobile contributed to.  Too many to list, but here are just a few examples

  • Peer Mentor – where Nqobile supported other students
  • Bushcraft residential – where Nqobile acted as a leader
  • Many events at local primary schools – SATs training, the Summer fair, disco.
  • Presenting at numerous awards events – as an announcer
  • Meeting and greeting a huge range of visitors – taking visitors on tours or acting as host to guests in the Head’s Office.

Nqobile made such a huge contribution to lives of students and staff at Royds Hall Community School. He was truly part of and acted in great support of his community. He was generous, caring and above all, one of the most decent young men you could wish to meet. We agreed with Nqobile’s family that we would mark his life by presenting an award in honour of his memory. This award went to Martha Hughes, last year’s Head Girl for making such a fantastic contribution to school and the community.

Our Parent Award in recognition of the support that we as a school appreciate from all our parents and carers. This award went to Andrea Burnand, Mother to Maisie, Arran and Jessica.

This year our special guests were four former students from the previous years. They kindly came along to present awards but also spoke about what they were studying, how much enjoyment they are gaining from their current courses and their plans for University. This was a particularly inspirational part of the evening as we heard about how well our students are progressing and their plans for the future. Our guests were dressed in business dress and spoke very confidently – we were all very proud of them and appreciated their involvement in the evening.

Our special guests for the evening were Chloe Green – currently studying Criminology at University, Megan McIvor – currently studying Psychology at University, Thomas Sheldon – currently studying Performing Arts at University and Awaias Riaz who gained Chemistry Degree and is now a highly successful businessman in Huddersfield.   

Entertainment was provided by Brandon Fawcett, a Year 10 student, who performed ‘Star form Les Miserables and received rapturous applause.