Author, Jo Welch, Visits Students

Added: November 3rd, 2017

The Specialist  Provision were delighted to be able to welcome back Stockport author Jo Welch on Friday 20th October to inspire the Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils with her latest book, The Darwin code.  

The event included code cracking, a reading extravaganza from her first book the Einstein Code and her latest book, The Darwin Code and an historic look at codes through history.

Jo was recently the Special Guest (alongside Simon Singh and Professor Nils Anderssen) in Bletchley Park at the National Cipher Challenge Awards, in which 25,000 British teenagers had competed to be the best codebreakers in Britain. 

As well as being a great author, Jo runs coding schools and libraries in the Stockport area.  You are invited to pit your wits and crack the codes on her website 

She also enjoys running writing workshops and delivers Einstein and Darwin assemblies. She loves school visits, puzzles and reading, and is hard at work on the final book of her trilogy, The Quantum Code.