Talk for Writing – getting into the swing of things!

Added: October 17th, 2017

Since the launch and whole staff training in September, staff and students are adopting Talk for Writing strategies to support learning in all classrooms across school. From text-mapping in Maths to boxing up in History, students are seeing the benefits to their learning.

Mr Bateman has been using text-mapping to help his Year 8 class learn the difference between factors and multiples. Students learnt definitions of these concepts and then came up with symbols to help them to remember (‘internalise’) these definitions and use them when tackling future Maths challenges. Millie-Rose Bracken in 8E said, ‘‘I found the text mapping really helpful.  I feel like it’s helped me memorise definitions and become more fluent in factors primes and multiples’’.

Mr Lightowler’s GCSE History class have also been using a range of Talk for Writing strategies.

Students are currently studying The Black Death and have used text-mapping to help them to remember (internalise) the causes. They have also ‘boxed up’ a model exam answer, which students found extremely useful. Sarah Garton (Year 10) said, ‘‘boxing up has really helped me to know how to structure an answer to an 18 mark question in my exam’’.