Basketball at Royds

Added: October 19th, 2017

Last week Royds Hall welcomed two national league basketball players in to coach the high school students in a one-off after school session.

Lawrence St John, forward, and Hassan Haq, shooting guard, came in to coach the students and show them how to improve their game. They worked on layups, dribbling skills, one on one gameplay and put it all into a winner stays on tournament at the end.

They had around 20 students take part and it was a fantastic afternoon. The coaches said how much they enjoyed working with them and they’d happily come in again.

It was a great atmosphere, all the students who took part had such focus and enthusiasm that it made very easy work for the coaches. At the end it was a pleasure to see them ask Lawrence and Hassan back, and to see such a positive energy created by basketball.

A huge thanks to Lawrence and Hassan for coming in to school and running such a great session.