DofE Silver Award

Added: October 9th, 2015

Following a successful Bronze award in Year 10, nine Year 11 students have continued on to their Silver DofE award; the first cohort to go through this at Royds Hall.

They have completed more rigorous training to allow them to safely complete their practice and assessed expeditions which saw them walk for three days and two nights, completely self-sufficient; carrying all their equipment, navigating, putting up tents and then cooking each evening.  As well as the expedition, students are required to also complete an hour a week volunteering, doing something physical and learning or improving a skill.  They must do these over a 6 month period. This level of commitment is why DofE is so highly sought after and so widely recognised by colleges, universities and employers.  It is our hope that these students will then go on to complete their Gold Award upon leaving Royds Hall.