Music for Youth in Birmingham

Added: July 17th, 2017

Our school choir and Band Skills group (who are now known as ‘the Chaos Theory’) recently took part in the National Festival of Music for Youth in Birmingham.  Having progressed from the Huddersfield Regional Competition, the groups performed on the big stage in Symphony Hall and the CSBO centre respectively.  They were very impressive!  The adjudicators were very positive.  Some of their comments are listed below…


                “Assured with clear, nicely accented diction”

                “Your bodies took ownership of the repeated lyrics”

                “Energy personified”

                “Very good show”

Band Skills (aka the Chaos Theory)

                “You are very committed to the words and your overall performance”

                “Your bass playing showed that you were clearly enjoying yourself”

                “Strong power chords”

                “Steady, energetic drumming”


We really hope that the choir and the Chaos Theory progress as the next stage will be the Royal Albert Hall for the Schools Prom.  They will find out in about 6 weeks.  Well done to all!