Joseph Delaney visits Royds Hall

Added: July 3rd, 2015

Bestselling author Joseph Delaney came to school on Thursday 2nd July to speak to the Year 8 students. Joseph started by setting the scene to his newest title “Arena 13”. The students were enthralled with talk of gladiatorial battles, a mythical creature terrorising the land, and one boy’s quest to avenge his parent’s death.

Joseph also talked about his first series of books, The Wardstone Chronicles and its spin-off series The Starblade Chronicles. These books tell the story of a young boy apprenticed to the local Spook. Together they battle with witches, boggarts, ghasts and the devil to keep the County safe.

After talking about his books and how he got in to writing, Joseph finished the afternoon with a question and answer session. Students asked all kinds of questions including “where does he get his ideas from?” “out of all the books he’s written, which is his favourite?” and “how long did it take for his first book to be published?”

In case you’re interested, the answers were: ideas can come from all around – folklore, other stories, films, TV; The Spook’s Battle; and from the first manuscript being written and sent to publishers to actually being printed and on the shelf to buy – about ten years!

Thank you to Joseph for visiting the school and to The Children’s Bookshop, Lindley for all their help.