Fourth Annual Kirklees Spellathon

Added: July 10th, 2015

On the evening of Thursday 9th July, three students from Royds Hall- Daniel Harbour, Brandon Haigh and Jamie Oldroyd- took part in the Fourth Annual Kirklees Spellathon Competition. The competition was held at The University of Huddersfield, with 23 competitors from various schools and academies from across Kirklees.

Our boys did incredibly well, with Brandon making it to the final 8 in round 10, only to be knocked out by the word ‘lamington’, which no-one had ever heard of- but is apparently a type of cake!

Not only did our boys display their excellent spelling skills, they also demonstrated excellent sportsmanship throughout the competition and continued to cheer-on the other competitors even after they had been knocked out themselves.

In the end, the winning place had to be split between Thornhill Community Academy and Moor End Academy, because the two finalists were so good that the competition ran into a record-breaking 20 rounds!