Science Week Shenanigans

Added: June 2nd, 2015

An annual event at Beech Primary recently took place; a week full of fascinating experiments that blew minds!

Children at Beech Primary have learnt many exciting facts about friction and other fabulous forces. Our school reporter has been round classes to find out more… With Miss Moran, children have been learning about what happens when you mix an acid with an alkaline. They mixed vinegar with baking soda in a clear plastic bottle with a balloon attached to the lid, when shaken the gas created from the two ingredients fills the balloon. Miss Moran held a competition to see whose balloon was the biggest, William, aged 11, said “I had so much fun; my table also won the competition on who had the biggest balloon – it was massive!!!

Meanwhile, with Miss Walton children were asked: do all liquids act the same under pressure? Children were working with different liquid solutions including water and corn flour. They discovered that, under pressure, corn flour acts like a solid. Cory, a member of 3W, said “When you roll it in a ball it acts like a solid but as soon as you release the pressure of your hands it returns to a liquid, it’s really cool!” Maisie Y6