Our Dining Room Extension and New Fitness Suite

Added: June 6th, 2014

At Easter our long awaited Dining Room extension build started.  Due to the popularity of our school meals we felt that additional space was required in order to facilitate a better lunchtime experience for our students.  The new area will increase the dining space by 70m2 whilst still being able to maintain seating outside.  It will be equipped with new bench style seating and tables to maximise capacity.  The building work is progressing quickly with the area cleared, foundations in place and the walls close to completion after only 7 weeks.  The new dining area will be completed in time for the start of the Autumn term 2014.

As part of the same project we are providing a new building to house our fitness equipment within the Sports Hall Quad area.  This will serve two purposes, firstly, it will provide the school with an extra classroom and secondly, it will allow public access to the facility on an evening through the Sports Centre.  We are hoping to open this facility to the public by Christmas 2014. 

Finally, work will start very shortly in the Mansion area to make two classrooms ready to receive our Reception class in September.  One room will be equipped as a classroom.  The other will be the wet area providing toilet/cloakroom facilities and wet play space.  Outdoor play will be accommodated in the Mansion Garden.  The works will be completed in the middle of the Summer holidays so that they can be fitted out with all the necessary furniture and equipment required to provide a first class learning environment for our new reception students.