6 Million+

Added: June 20th, 2014

On behalf of our school Mr Woffenden and our newly elected head boy, Faheem Saeed joined other members of the local community, genocide survivors and some special guests to meet up and to talk about the progress of the 6 million plus project and other issues surrounding it.

The aims of the project are to develop a connected programme of information, education, creative arts and live events, exploring the connections between the Holocaust and the experience of persecuted minorities in the world today, especially those people who seek sanctuary in our community.

Artist Antonia Stowe’s design concept for the University of Huddersfield is to place each button individually onto the surface of a teardrop form and to cast the shape in metal. Six teardrop forms will reference the 6 million+ Jews and others murdered during the Holocaust and in genocides since World War II. Each button placed on the surface will help to make up the many millions of tears of those murdered and the people left behind who have grieved and continue to grieve for them.

During the course of the evening, many people from different backgrounds put forward their views on the project, shared their experiences and enjoyed taking a look at some of the work produced so far including artistic impressions of the designs and a model of the external surface of the teardrop in which buttons were placed on.

As part of the fundraising campaign for the 6million+, the school is selling button badges at £2. To find out more about the project, visit