ROCKET Space Seeds!

Added: April 22nd, 2016

Students at Royds Hall Community School are preparing to become space biologists and embark on a voyage of discovery by growing seeds that have been into space.

In September, 2kg of rocket seeds were flown to the International Space Station on Soyuz 44S where they spent several months in microgravity before returning to Earth in March.

Students will grow the seeds alongside seeds that haven’t been to space and measure the differences over seven weeks. Students won’t know which seed packet contains which seeds until all results have been collected by the RHS Campaign for School Gardening and analysed by professional biostatisticians.

Dr Salter, Science Teacher, says:

“We are very excited to be taking part in Rocket Science. This experiment is a fantastic way of teaching our students to think more scientifically and share their findings with the whole school.”