Louis Joins Wellbeing Team

Added: March 22nd, 2018

A new member of staff has joined the wellbeing team at Royds Hall Community School. Louis, is a 2 year old Cavachon who is visiting the secondary phase each week as a Pets as Therapy Dog. His owner Mrs Marshall, who also works at the school, decided to register Louis for the scheme because of Louis calm nature and love of children. He was an ideal candidate for the job and passed the ‘interview’ with the Pets as Therapy assessment team with flying colours.

Our school aims to use this special relationship to enhance literacy skills, encourage reading and have a calming effect on children who are dealing with emotional and mental health issues. The contact between dog and child encourages physical interaction which helps to put children at ease. The dog acts as a non-judgemental listener and offers comfort to children who may find reading difficult or who are experiencing a period of anxiety. On average over 6000 children per week, across the country, benefit from this unique experience and the results are outstanding.

We are sure that Louis will fit in well at Royds Hall and is already becoming a popular member of the team lapping up all the attention. If you and your dog would like to volunteer with us then please contact Caroline Marshall at the school.