Fair Trade Movement at Huddersfield New College

Added: March 16th, 2017

Last week students got the unique opportunity to meet with people directly involved with the Fair Trade Movement at Huddersfield New College. We first heard presentations by Manal Ramadan from the Palestinian company Zaytooun and Veena Nabar, a Co-operative College Associate.

We were expecting to hear a talk from Palestinian olive farmers but unfortunately they were not allowed into the country. Manal made up for this by giving us a great insight into life on the farms in Palestine and the challenges of setting up a fair trade project.

Veena told us about life on the Nicobar Islands and the amazing co-operative project that has been set up there and does everything from collecting coconuts to running the export business and owning the ships.
After the talks, we got to try some Palestinian food including zataar, olives and maftoul, which is like couscous. We then got to spend some time with the two speakers and ask questions about the co-operative movement, including finding out about a co-operative of snake catchers. Here is a link to a video about the snake catchers: http://stories.coop/stories/the-snake-catchers