Senior Students Are Empowered!

Added: March 10th, 2016

On Thursday 3 March our new year 10 Senior students were all given leadership roles for the day, they had to crisis manage a crash on the M62 involving a vehicle carrying a nuclear weapon which released radiation in to the atmosphere. Obviously a training exercise and not real!

The session was led by Joanne Bartholomew Assistant Director of Place at Kirklees council.

Each student was assigned to a core service such as the Police, Fire Service, Highways Agency NHS Ambulance, Ministry of Defence and the Local Authority. They had to get involved in decision making on how best to handle the situation, how to work with other services and how to deal with the Media constantly wanting an update on what they were doing.
The aim of the day was to challenge their thinking, problem solve and encourage them to think critically and creatively. Decisions had to be made at a high level and focus on the best outcomes for the local people. Students were given regular updates on how the crisis had evolved and they had to work in teams to deal with the information they had received in a timely way.

Mrs Bartholomew shared her real life examples with the students and encouraged them to think critically giving them prompts to help their decision making.

Our students were motivated and engaged throughout the session. They took on the role with grit and determination and showed their true potential as our future leaders.

Our media team were relentless.

Students had such a good day as one parent contacted us and wrote “My daughter attended your training at Royds Hall today and really enjoyed and she felt empowered.”

Thank you to all our year 10 senior student who brought the event to life and had some real experience of what it is like to work as a true Leader.