Pi Day

Added: March 23rd, 2015

As you all know Pi day is on the third of March. Pi is the ratio between a diameter and the circumference of a circle. It is an irrational number and so it never ends. So all the students at Royds Hall feel connected to Pi we asked every student to own and decorate a digit. This has created an amazing display on the Maths floor and can be added to by all new students at this school. Have you found your digit yet?

Royds Hall Pi-minister 2015

Royds Hall has a new record for the most digits of Pi recited from memory. Uzair Abbas smashed his own record from last year of Pi to 300 decimal places to a whopping 650 decimal places! If you need revision tips, ask Uzair! Martha Hughes was the best in Year 9 and Faris Ali recited the most digits in Year 11. Well done all of you.

Leeds University Maths Challenge

The UKMT Intermediate stage was sat in February. Students from Year 9, 10 and 11 all sat the same paper. Thirty two students gained certificates. Jake Marchington of Year 9 gained Gold and his efforts saw him through to the next stage of Grey Kangaroo! Uzair Abbas of Year 10 also got Gold and was the highest scoring student in the school. Uzair’s efforts saw him into a Hamilton round, where he sat a two hour challenge consisting of six tasks.

Excellent effort by all! Well done.