Royds Hall Maths Week

Added: March 12th, 2014

The aim is not only to promote numeracy skills in Mathematics but to emphasise that numeracy is a vital skill that is required in everyday life and forms a significant part of students learning. There will be activities to promote the fun and creative aspects of Mathematics as well as the activities that rely on the functional elements of Mathematics.

All Year 7 students’ will experience the Fun Maths Roadshow run by Leeds University in which pairs of students attempt mathematical puzzles and challenges in rotation.

The whole school will participate in the Maths Maze Challenge and the Multiplication Challenge which will involve the application of the four rules of number.

A group of Year 10 students will attend the Maths Inspiration Lecture Roadshow at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in which a series of speakers will present Mathematics in the context of exciting, real-life situations.

Finally, Friday 14thMarch is World Pi Day and Miss Patterson will be running a competition in which students are challenged to recite pi ( 3.14159….) to as many places as possible!!