Maths Inspiration Event

Added: March 18th, 2014

On Pi day Miss Purcell, Mr Bateman and Ms Pickard took a group of Year 10 students to the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds to see the Maths Inspiration Lecture Show.

The show inspired the students with some of the country’s most engaging maths speakers. Ria Symonds, a Mathematician and Social Networker spoke to the students about ‘The Friendship Paradox of Facebook’ which explained why, on average, our friends have more friends than us. Hugh Hunt who is a Channel 4 documentary presenter spoke to the students about the maths behind spinning as well as boomerangs.

The final speaker to inspire the students was David Spiegelhalter, who is a Professor of Risk and spoke to the students about the Statistics behind risk. David even competed on Total Wipeout to test his theory of how he could get through the first round by finishing the course in less than 3 minutes!