Contemporary Dance Workshop

Added: March 18th, 2014

On March 12th, 13 of our gifted and talented dance students took part in a Contemporary Dance Workshop lead by a teacher from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

The 2 hour session was highly energetic and focused on basic contemporary techniques, as well as developing the students choreography skills. The leader, Matthew, was looking for students who showed potential in this particular style in order to invite them to an open day for the Yorkshire Young Dancers Scheme. The scheme is held at the Centre for Advanced Training in Leeds and is for gifted and talented young dancers. It offers those aged 13 to 17 the best pre-vocational part time contemporary dance training available.

Congratulations to Tom Noble, Amy Kelly, Chloe Green, Eva Plowright and Teigha Moet Reynolds who all got selected and invited to the open day.