Royds Hall granted Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze Level

Added: February 18th, 2014

This year, eighteen Year 10 students from Royds Hall were successful in their application onto the internationally recognised Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze Level.

As part of the Award they will be completing three aspects on a weekly basis: Physical, Skill & Volunteering. These aspects will be done for three months, with one continued on for an additional three months; a real demonstration of dedication.

Volunteering allows students to give something back to an individual or the community. We have students volunteering their lunchtimes to help Year 7s with their numeracy through to students volunteering at charity shops and helping people with special needs.

The Physical and Skill aspects offer the opportunity to develop something already done or try something new. We have students learning languages and shorthand, how to ride a trials bike, Taekwondo, running, playing football, using the gym, learning photography, learning to play the Ukulele, climbing and electronics!!

The students will also be receiving training to enable them to safely participate in a practice expedition weekend, all building up to a final assessed expedition. This will be a weekend away, walking and camping, carrying all they need (tent, clothes, food & cooking equipment) to be self-sufficient, navigating along a route they will have planned previously.

Many of the students hope to go on to achieve Silver in Year 11 with the potential to then complete Gold at College. We hope to run Bronze and Silver next year allowing even more students to access a fantastic award that not only develops and rounds them as individuals but also allows them to demonstrate to us and any higher education establishments and future employers many of the skills we know they possess.