EYFS Rocket Launch!

Added: January 16th, 2018

This Term, children in the Early Years Foundation Stage are asking the essential question What’s Out There? We launched our project on Wednesday with a visit from the Wonder Dome mobile planetarium. Children learned about the planets, moon and stars whilst watching an interactive visual display and also saw footage of Neil Armstrong’s Moon landing back in 1972. They were then taken on a rocket ship ride through the ice rings of Saturn!

Children brought in plastic water bottles from home and enjoyed making their own space rockets by cutting, shaping and sticking a variety of craft materials. These can be seen displayed in the EYFS classroom and around school.

Finally, the children experienced the excitement of launching some rockets using launching equipment kindly lent to us by Katie Travas, a KS3/4 Science teacher from the High School.  Here they are working collaboratively with a partner to pump the water within each rocket, which forces the rocket upwards. All the children had huge fun and enjoyed our project launch activities tremendously!