Drop Everything And Read!

Added: January 17th, 2017

Last term, the staff and students of Royds Hall joined in a week long campaign of Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)!

DEAR is a celebration of reading, designed to remind all ages that reading is a FUNdamental part of all our lives! The aim of D.E.A.R is to allow students to see that reading can be functional and necessary as well as pleasurable. A whole school approach to reading has been proven to enhance literacy skills, benefit students socially and inevitably lead to an increase in the enjoyment of reading!

The students and staff took part in lots of great activities to emphasise the importance of DEAR, these included: quizzes, selfie competitions, drop in performances, poster campaigns, assemblies and of course, reading for pleasure! Overall, the week was a fantastic success, and we look forward to the next Drop Everything and Read campaign!