British Values

At Royds Hall our ethos is underpinned by our dedication to an inclusive learning environment which actively promotes and develops British Values.  We prepare our students for life in modern Britain by developing an understanding of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Our programme of assemblies promotes all aspects British values and are often led by the students themselves.  These include assemblies on ‘choices, chances and consequences’, recognition of other cultures specific celebrations and ‘mental health to support self-esteem and confidence’.  This programme is backed up by Academic Mentoring which provides students with the thinking, debating and reflection skills to seek questions and answers of the wider world they live in. 

Our ERIC (PSHE) programme covers all aspects of British Values and is enriched by the many visitors who deliver workshops to our students on topics such as ‘stop and search – police powers’, ‘extremism’. ‘stereotyping’ and ‘what are you saying’ which seeks to address the use of language amongst our students.

Through all of these channels we seek every opportunity to engage with current events in the world and often change our plans to address specific issues as they arise in particular reference to terrorists attacks.  Our students value the opportunity to discuss these events with their peers in a safe and open environment which is free from judgement.

As a result of our broad and balanced curriculum our students leave school with a moral sense of right and wrong and the necessary skills to participate fully in life in Modern Britain. 

Pupils’ good spiritual, social and cultural development enables them to develop a strong understanding of social and cultural diversity. Pupils take an active role in promoting respectful and tolerant attitudes towards diversity and difference.
Ofsted 2017

In lessons, good opportunities for discussion of sensitive issues encourage pupils to explore issues and express their own views and ideas.
Ofsted 2017

Teachers promote discussion of racism and other forms of discrimination and as a result, pupils are tolerant of difference and feel comfortable to be themselves within the school community.
Ofsted 2017