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Royds PE

Netball v Salendine Nook

Year 7 won 6-2 

year 8 won 7-5 

year 9 lost 3-2

Year 10/11 lost 6-2

Well done to all the girls involved 

Royds PE

Well done to the eight year 7 girls who played football tonight. A win, draw and a defeat meaning we just missed out on the semi finals. Well done to all teams and the eventual winners Kirkburton Middle School

Back Home

Leaving Ypres. Just about awake!  All packed and we’re off.

Sunset At Railway Hollow

At the end of the day, we went down to Railway Hollow and spent some time thinking about the individual soldiers who died on the Somme. 

We chose a gravestone and wrote messages on crosses with poppies on them to the soldiers who were buried below. It was a very emotional experience and was a fitting end to the Remembrance Day that marked 100 years since the Battle of the Somme.

The Missing of the Somme

At Thiepval we walked around the huge monument filled with the names of those who died  but whose bodies are lost. We found many familiar names. Oliver also found the name of his Great Grandfather Private John Finneron which brought it home to us how closely linked we are to the soldiers of the First World War.

At Lochnagar Crater

It is so difficult to explain what it is like to stand by the side of Lochnagar Crater and imagine what it would have been like that morning when the Battle of the Somme began 100 years ago.

In the two minute silence, we thought about the men digging tunnels deep underground to place the explosives under the German lines.

Then we thought of the explosion so huge that it created this enormous crater – a void in what is now tranquil farmland. In contrast with the silence around us, our minds tried to comprehend the horror of hundreds of bodies being ripped apart by force of this explosion.

We think back into history and remember how the carnage in the German lines acted as a warning to the rest of the German troops to ready themselves for the British attack. And still standing on the fields where a century apart thousands of soldiers went to their deaths, it is impossible to imagine the scale of violence and death that was to follow. 

We have seen the names on the monuments and the rows upon rows of grave stones but what could it possibly have been like to be in the middle of this war. 

Maybe this void in the ground hints at the void in the families lives who lost their men. Could it represent the unlived futures that ended here on the Somme. 

11am 11 November.

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Tyne Cot

At Tyne Cot At Tyne Cot At Tyne Cot At Tyne Cot At Tyne Cot

At Menin Gate

At Menin Gate At Menin Gate At Menin Gate

The Last Post

At Menin Gate

Preparing to lay a wreath. 

Essex Farm

Essex Farm is the site of the memorial to the West Yorkshire Regiment. It was also the place where John McCrae wrote the poem On Flanders Field. Mr Hayes read the poem for us and then we compared it with Wilfred Owen’s Dulce et Decorum Est to see how the poetry changed as the war continued.

Executed By Shooting 

At the site of the death cell and the location of the post where the soldiers faced the firing squads, we contemplated what those last hours might have been like for the condemned men. We found it hard to believe that people who had shell shock would have been executed.

We met at WW2 veteran from Huddersfield who told us that every soldier feels fear and he found this site in Poperinge very moving. So did we. 

War Hospital 

At Lijssenthoek War Cemetery, site of a war hospital 

We saw the grave of nurse Nellie Spindle from Wakefield who died in an attack on 21st August 1917. 

We also saw the graves of members of the Chinese Labour Corps, who worked at the hospital. 

The Maths of Remembrance 

It is so hard to understand the scale of death in WW1 but this chart helped us to realise the numbers who died and the way it was spread out through the days of the war. 


After a good night’s sleep – breakfast!

Royds PE

Netball result v kirkburton- Year 7B won 5-0 and 7A won 19-2. Great effort from all the girls

At Vimy Ridge – Down tunnels and into the trenches

Our last stop on the day was Vimy Ridge – the site of a crucial battle between Canadaian and British forces against the German army. In this battle, the Canadians took the brunt of the fighting as they strove to take ridge. Our Canadian guide to the site, Stephanie, was volunteering for four months. Her great grandfather and two of her great uncles died in the conflict.

Stephanie took us deep under ground into  the communication tunnels that were built by the Canadians. It was hard to imagine what the war was like underground – possibly better than life in the trenches. 

​We got a chance to walk around reconstructed trenches that lie amongst the fields that are still scarred by the explosions of the war a hundred years ago.

Finally we went up to the stunning monument to the Canadian dead – a breathtaking finish to the day.

Neuville St Vaaste

Our second stop was a different experience. Instead of the white crosses of the French cemetery standing proudly in the fields, we were now faced with lines and lines of stark black crosses.

This was one of the German cemetery and it was as mournful as the first one we visited but almost hidden from view. 

There wreaths occasionally but more surprising in some ways were the way Jewish graves were intermingled amongst the German Christian crosses. It is a stirring reminder that it didn’t taken long  from a time when Jews and Christians were comrades in arms to a period of horrific persecution and mass murder. It was wonderful to see stones placed on the Jewish gravestones to show that relatives had visited.

At Notre Dame de Lorette 

Our first cemetery gave us an idea of the scale of the loss of life in the First World War.


As we walked between the thousands of crosses marking the graves of French soldiers, we started to try to imagine the loss and grief that just one family would experience. It was impossible to the try to multiply that grief by a row of individuals nevermind the 20,000 in the identified graves and 22,000 in the mass graves.

We talked about what conditions must have been like on the battlefields as we stood in the rain just for a few minutes.

In one part of the cemetery are graves of Muslim soldiers who fought for France. The grave stones have a solemn beauty but it seems sad that these graves are in a distant corner of the cemetery.


Going To The Continent

Early Lead

Already in Maidstone and making some questionable breakfast choices!

Off We Go To Belgium

Eleven o’clock and we are ready to set off!! Very excited!

Royds PE

Girls football- Well done to the u13 girls football team. Three draws tonight against Honley, Holmfirth and Huddersfield Grammar. #team

Royds PE

Football results- year 7 won 5-1 tonight whilst Year 9 drew 4-4. Well done to all involved. 

Royds PE

Year 9 footy result- 4-0 down after 20 mins and came back to draw 5-5. Harley with a worldie save at the end to secure the draw. 

Royds PE

Well done to all those students who took part in the Cross Country today. Some really good performances particularly Tom who came 4th and Mollie 14th. 

Royds PE

Football results 1.11.16- year 7/8 lost 6-1 whilst year 9 lost 6-3. All lads did really well and the Year 7’s playing for Year 8 were excellent. Well done! 

Royds PE

Football results- Year 11 lost 5-1 to Holmfirth whilst Year 9 were defeated 3-2 at Moor End. Well played to all the lads involved. 

Royds PE

Year 10 footy result- 7-1 win tonight v Moor End. Well done to all the lads. 

Royds PE

Netball results v Huddersfield Grammar- Yr 9 lost 6-2, Yr 8 lost 8-2 and year 7 first team drew 12-12 

Royds PE

Football result- Fantastic Year 10 game tonight against Newsome. Lost 4-2 but a great advert for school football with two good footballing sides. Well played Newsome. #schoolgames

Royds PE

Girls Football- Well done to the Year 7 and 8 girls tonight who came 3rd out of 7 teams at the tournament. Awful weather but the girls battled really hard and scored some great goals. #schoolgames #team

Royds PE

Year 7 football results- two games tonight- 3-0 win v Moor End and a 2-1 defeat to Colne Valley. Well played to all the lads involved

Royds PE

Year 10 football result- 5-2 win v Colne Valley. Goals from Louis (2), Zain (2) and Hussnain. Fantastic team performance from all 15 lads.

Royds PE

Year 8 football- lads battled hard tonight but were defeated by Newsome. Well played to all involved

Royds PE 

Year 7 netball result v All Saints- won 12-1

Royds PE

Well done to the u16 girls football team tonight. Great effort in the Huddersfield Schools event at Colne Valley

Royds PE

Mrs Weston receiving her special recognition award at the PSSP Annual Awards

Royds PE

Royds PE

Football result- Great effort from Year 11 tonight against Colne Valley. 21 students involved in a 4-1 defeat. #commitment

Royds PE

Football results- Well done to Year 7 drawing 4-4 against Newsome tonight. Unlucky not to snatch the three points. #team

Royds PE 

Football results so far- Year 7 lost 3-2 to Hudds Grammar, Year 8 lost 4-3 and Year 9 drew 1-1. Tomorrow Year 11 play Colbe Valley and Year 7 entertain Newsome. Good luck to both teams. 


Netball result wk beginning 19th September- Year 9 drew 9-9 with Holmfirth 


Tonight’s netball results v NHTS

Year 9 won 21-11, Year 8 won 15-0 and Year 7 drew 12-12. Well played girls #team

Making films at the Aspire to be Active summer scheme

Students from Year 7 to 10 have been filming, editing and creating the music for their own superhero films.

Aspire to be ActiveIMG_0004IMG_0003

DofE Expedition – final weekend

Our last group are making good progress and have just stopped for lunch.

DofE Expedition- final weekend

Final weekend of DofE expeditions – group making excellent progress despite the weather!

Royds PE

Success for Year 10 student Tom at the Yorkshire and Humberside Orienteering event. Well done! 

Royds PE

Well done to Year 7 student Jared on being crowned Kirklees Triple Jump Champion. Fantastic run also in the 100m which helped him gain selection to represent Kirklees in Italy and the Czech Republic. 

Royds PE

Congratulations to ex student Jake Barrett on signing for Manchester United as a first year scholar. Shows hard work and commitment pay off. Well done!