At Vimy Ridge – Down tunnels and into the trenches

Our last stop on the day was Vimy Ridge – the site of a crucial battle between Canadaian and British forces against the German army. In this battle, the Canadians took the brunt of the fighting as they strove to take ridge. Our Canadian guide to the site, Stephanie, was volunteering for four months. Her great grandfather and two of her great uncles died in the conflict.

Stephanie took us deep under ground into  the communication tunnels that were built by the Canadians. It was hard to imagine what the war was like underground – possibly better than life in the trenches. 

​We got a chance to walk around reconstructed trenches that lie amongst the fields that are still scarred by the explosions of the war a hundred years ago.

Finally we went up to the stunning monument to the Canadian dead – a breathtaking finish to the day.