Ethiopian Easter

Happy Easter from Mekelle!

This is the first time we’ve had any internet coverage – can you imagine no Facebook or google?? We arrived on Sunday after a 12 hour journey from minus 2 and snow to 30 degrees and very hot sun. We have delivered Braille books for bedtime funded by you at Royds Hall to very excited students at Mekelle School for the Blind. They have looked after the first books from last year very carefully. Most importantly, the students are wearing their uniforms with real pride and they look great – you provided those too! Many of the children are orphaned or abandoned and those with parents only seeing their families once a year so it means a great deal to know you’re thinking about them.

We went to meet the nurses and doctors at the Mekelle Eye Clinic where the doctors do up to 190 operations a month. Unfortunately only 5 of the Blind School children have had treatment as it’s too late to help them. On Monday we’re taking Haile, who I’ve know since he was 11 and now lives on his own, to the clinic as he desperately wants his cataracts operated on to give him a bit more sight.

When the students leave at 16 they have to learn to live on their own and for many the Blind School is the only home they have ever known. We’re worried about one of the students leaving soon who has no pillow, sheet or blanket. Today we bought every child at the school their own bar of soap for 25p each. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

I’ll try to add pictures later.

Ms Williams