Comenius Cyprus: Day 5

Day 5’s blog is a bit of a photo fest for you!

The final school day of the week started with students going to ‘normal’ lessons. We (teachers) attended two lessons – an art and music lesson which we saw Melissa and Leah enjoying. Matthew and Callum were in other lessons around the school.

After the lessons ended, we all took a coach to two local businesses – a Carob sweet factory and a Herb farm. The Carob sweet factory, whilst very small, was interesting. It is hard to believe in such a small place they can turn a Carob into chocolate type bars and sweets. It seems that Carob must be an acquired taste as the students didn’t seem to like it! After visiting the Carob factory we visited a Herb farm, probably less than 1km away. The moment we got off the coach we were greeted by an amazing herby smell. It was very pleasant! The farm manager allowed us to sample these freshly picked herbs – the Rosemary and Mint were very good.

After visiting the local businesses we drove down the road and visited a local tourist attraction, which is in a wonderful location at the edge of some hills with a little Church built in a cave in the hills. The students stopped here for an hour or so, giving them plenty of time to enjoy the wonderful vista around them. A really stunning location!

Day 6 of the trip, the students will spend time with their host families and relax before we meet them at the airport in Larnaca on day 7.

Art and Music lessons

Carob sweet factory

Herb farm