Comenius Cyprus: Day 3

As we are a little late adding day 3’s blog, I thought I’d just add a few pictures and a very short description of the day’s activities.

The third day started with the students heading to the school’s teaching kitchen classroom, where they made Cypriot pancakes. These seemed similar to ‘normal’ pancakes, but thinner and a little more oily. While the students were making these pancakes, Melissa and Matthew were interviewed by Cypriot TV, quizzing them about their involvement and feelings about the Comenius project.

After the students made pancakes, they took a short break outside in the courtyard to watch some traditional Cypriot/Greek dancing. I’m pleased to say when the chance arose, all our students joined in with this activity!

After the break, the students returned to lessons where they made posters from a collection of images they brought from home. The posters were designed to sell their home area to the other students from the different project countries.

Making Cypriot Pancakes

Traditional Cypriot-Greek Dancing